Transform the Relationship with Your Child by
Tuning into Temperament


Are you struggling to understand your child or student?

Are you baffled by their behavior, their emotional outbursts, and meltdowns?

Have you read parenting books and articles but nothing seems to help improve your relationship?

If you want parenting to be easier and to have a better relationship with your child, this toolkit is for you!article after article about parenting strategies and nothing works to help your child

Want to see your child with a new lens?

Access the toolkit and discover your child's temperamental needs and gifts

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Here's what I'll be teaching...

Part One

4 Audio Lessons

Four short audio lessons that cover different aspects of temperament and parenting. Quick gems of information to help you understand the role of temperament.

Part Two

Full Temperament Quiz

This child temperament quiz gets to the heart of your child's unique temperament. With a series of questions, learn about the different aspects of your child's temperament.

parenting and temperament

Part Three

Parenting Strategies

A simple handout that summarizes some of the best parenting strategies for each of the different temperament types.

Part Four

E-Book: Loving Your Unique Child

A 40+ page e-book to introduce you to some of the research and tips about parenting with your child's temperament, instead of fighting against it.

Meet Amy

I'm a scholar turned blogger who loves writing about child development and parenting. With a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences and real-life experience as a mom of 2, I've decided to share all I've learned about temperament with parents and teachers. I don't claim to be a parenting expert for your child (only you are) but I hope to help you feel more confident in your parenting decisions.

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Normal price: $47

Your price: $19