The Growth Spurt Survival Kit

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Developmental Change is Normal

but it is not always easy.

When your child is experiencing a growth spurt, it can be challenging for all involved. The road of development is often a bumpy path.

This kit can help you navigate your child's growth spurt with grace and confidence. It is designed to help you guide your child, as well as support yourself during this time.

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The Growth Spurt Survival Kit

A collection of resources to help you and your child through a challenging phase


A comprehensive e-book about the science of growth spurts, what to look for, and how to cope


A 16-minute video explaining growth spurts and why they matter for our parenting


A printable page of parenting mantras to keep you motivated during this time

growth spurt and parenting

Feel confident navigating your child's growth spurt

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About the Author

amy webb

Amy Webb is a scholar turned blogger who loves writing about child development and parenting. With a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences and a mom of 2, she combines research knowledge with real-life experience to help parents.

She doesn't claim to be a parenting expert for your child (only you are) but hopes to help you feel more confident in your parenting decisions.

The Growth Spurt Survival Kit

Learn and grow along with your child