Boost Your Child's Social-Emotional Skills...the fun way!

An activity kit to help children grow in social-emotional skills

  • Help children learn about emotions
  • Fun activities to foster conversations about social-emotional issues
  • Easy ways to learn social-emotional skills through play and having fun

Social-Emotional Learning: Where do I begin?

Do you want to foster your child's social-emotional skills're not sure where to start?

The cure for summer boredom

Are your children bored during the summer and you're looking for valuable ways for them to spend their time?

Emotional awareness and bonding

Do you want to open the door to meaningful conversations with your child about their feelings and the feelings of others?

Emotion Camp for Kids

A summer of social-emotional learning

Social-emotional skills are no longer just "nice to have." They are crucial to a child's success and happiness as an adult.

Use the summer months to boost your child's emotional intelligence. Prepare them to jump into the next school year equipped with the emotional skills to face challenges.

This camp gives you the tools to help your child learn about emotions, have fun and playfully learn social-emotional skills.

Ideal for ages 4-11


Social-Emotional Activity Calendar

Helpful activities that you can do once or multiple times throughout the summer.

Movies that Teach Social-Emotional Lessons

Use movie time as a way to explore social-emotional topics like empathy, friendship, perseverance and more!

Social-Emotional Learning Story Cards

A fun activity for children to play with friends or family. An easy way to foster emotional awareness and literacy.

Books with Social-Emotional Lessons

No more searching the library for just the right book. Use this list to pick books to help your child with specific social-emotional skills

Joys and Challenges

A simple family activity that not only fosters emotional skills but brings you closer to your child.

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Amy Webb is a scholar turned blogger who loves writing about child development and parenting. With a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences and a mom of 2, she combines research knowledge with real-life experience to help parents.

She believes that each child has the potential to do something wonderfully meaningful with their life...and wants to help you support your child on this journey.

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